Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Markers 3

So we headed North from Durham... long drive. Had a few bad ideas on the way. One was to buy the item pictured above. It was the most strangely horrible thing I've ever tasted. I was trying to put aside my prejudice towards pork skin and msg... but fishy fried pig skin ain't my thing I guess.
Drove and drove and made it to the gig at the Rotunda in Philly. No time for a soundcheck so we drank a beer next door instead. Caught the end of the first band Purling Hiss. Dude was awesomely shredding on the guitar like some kind of Edward Van Halen meets Blue Cheer guy. Pretty cool. We set up and did what we could. No monitors and it seems like the sound guy didn't have half the mic's turned on. The mic's he did have turned on were feeding back. It was a free gig so there was about 200 people there. However there was no alcohol so everyone was just kind of looking at us. Kind of unnerving. Sic Alps did a good job.

Stayed with Willie Lane and Franny. Those guys have a rad house in Fishtown that was renovated by Grant Acker of UN fame. Beautiful little house from 1701. Got up in the morning and met up with John's family.

John's wife Anna's Grandpa was the Executive Producer of American Bandstand throughout the 1950's. He told a bunch of rad stories about the dawn of the teen age and how Dick Clark did his commercials by recording his voice into a tape recorder and reciting along to the sound of his own voice from a tiny earpiece.

Tonight we play in New York! Again!