Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Magik Markers tour part 2

So we left hanging with Nate in Baltimore and went over to Twig and Carly's Tarantula Hill urban estate. We got lost and went to East Pratt instead of West Pratt "Boy Twig and Carly's neighborhood got fancy!" "I don't remember that Pagoda?" When we finally got there Carly showed us around. We hadn't been since the fire. It was awesome. Hilites include a beautiful sunlit orgone accumulation/meditation/hypnotism zone with an apothocary jar filled with sparkling water from the 1800's still sealed. 4th floor has a rad recording studio with a record cutting lathe. They have a patio on the roof with a "7th level" garden and beekeeper zone that brought us right back to Jafa "Love Here" on the heliport.

Motored down to Durham.. made some lp's and tapes along the way.. stopped at Wawa.. slept.. not a bad drive. Went to the show space, which it turns out was just some dude's house. "This doesn't look like a Punk House." Dude Craig was rad.. his house was filled with all kinds of ephemera. "So you have the SCTV box set huh?" He regailed us with stories of his former job as a music industry professional for yuprock records. Harrowing and dramatic. He sent us off to eat at a good bbq place, which we couldn't find. Instead we were lured by the place pictured above. It was really hard to resist actually. I only made it halfway through my sausage dog before my throat seemed to close up unwilling to accept anymore of the sausage dog topped with bacon cheese and ranch dressing french fries. It's probably for the best as the food had a distinctive gasoline flavor.

Met up with the Sic Alps at Craigs crib. Hung out drinking beers and hearing about their tour adventures to date. "We've been hittin' the boozes."

First band American's in France was cool. The guitarist had one of those black guitars with the speaker built in. I love that guitar. We played second. Didn't monkey with a setlist for this one. Just followed each other's impulses and I think wound up with a pretty good set. It was super fun anyway and rocking.

Sic Alps sounded great and I'm super stoked to be seeing them every night! They played new and old tunes and the audience was stoked. I read some Charlie Brown comics from 1950. I love Snoopy. Went to a good Mexican place after the gig and got a burrito called the Garden which was a good antidote to the gasoline dogs we had for dinner.

Now we're at a place which doesn't have live chickens unfortunately, but does have fresh eggs. Now we will eat them.