Monday, November 16, 2009

New Spectre Folk lp "Compass, blanket, lantern, mojo" OUT NOW on ARBITRARY SIGNS!

One Sheet
Spectre Folk
Compass, blanket, lantern, mojo
Arbitrary Signs LP - 003

As anxiety encroaches with the cold air of winter thank the stars for the whiskey/weed warmth of Compass, blanket, lantern, mojo --- it flows through you like a liquid howl of light.

Th u r st on Mo or e

For an out-of-it fogie like myself, it’s tough to keep up with the many musical hats our boy Peter Nolan sports. There’s of course The Magik Markers and then there’s Lil Dusty, Spectre Flux, Spectre Folk, Folk Spectre, Cops, etc. I gotta admit I sorta lost the thread on Petes’ musical output for awhile there due to the simple fact I couldn’t keep up with it all. My chrome dome would literally throb with all the names and phony catalogue numbers that must accompany all these sound whims that must fly off his ginger head like bats from a belfry.

Luckily, I put down the Brupenex long enough to catch up with “Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo’, Nolans’ latest expulsion under his Spectre Folk moniker. As expected, the album reeks of the musty homespun psychedelic scent that would make both Al Simones and Uncle Neil Young red as a beet. The tunes are hazy with hope and bobbing audio to spare. Seagulls or rusty bedsprings sound off in the crackly distance on one track and I get a salty taste in my mouth like I licked the third pier boardwalk in Wildwood circa ’79. And check out the track ‘Burning Bridge’ where Petes’ voice soars and wavers like a wounded dove flying to the safety of a clean cage and the awaiting name of ’Walter’. The whole thing is a gorgeous, fully conscious stumble into a self made sunset and it just reminds me of something someone never said to me ‘It’s not over until you declare everyone a loser and paint yourself in a corner’.

Tony Rettman
Guidoville, New York
November 2009

I dig the home-made sounds of Spectre Folk's new 'Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo' long-player. Burning Bridge, for one, is sure to be the new late night/early morning/coming down/post-trip/mellow'd out/sitting around a campfire or by a lake or in a Williamsburg bedsit song. Pure and darkling anthems for the onset of those long winter nights a-comin'...

Lee Ranaldo
NYC Oct 09

Recorded Summer 2009 by Spectre Folk at the Homemade Casino in Greenpoint.

All tunes by Pete Nolan

Pete sings and plays Art and Lutherie acoustic, 2008 American Les Paul, drums, Juno 12, tapes etc.

Violet shakes and Julie Tomlinson Nolan sings backup on Burning Bridge. Violet howls at the end of Ages.

Violet Ray Nolan was there lending howls and vibes at every step.

Track titles:

1. Falling off the map
2. Toot toot!
3. Sat around for peace (this time)
4. Ages have passed
5. Dusty's rag
6. 8 foot wings
7. Burning Bridge
8. Groovy garbage, man

watch a video for Sat Around here:

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