Monday, February 23, 2009

2 new Releases, Spectre Folk with Major Stars Saturday

Hey Folks,

How's it going? So this if the first post for the Arbitrary Signs label.. home to Magik Markers, Spectre Folk, Lil Dusty, etc.

Hey guess what? There are 2 new releases for the label this month:

Spectre Folk feat. lil diamond Dusty and Chill Will.. Smokin with the Alien.

In this extended 3 song jammer, Folk Spectre's arabesque acoustic and electric guitar are joined by Diamond Dusty's zoned synth moves and the pulse beat shuffles of Chill Will. Guitars wander over all different landscapes from early morning dawn .. mean grinding streets and even desert ozones. The liquid swords have a sharp edge here.

Magik Markers... Baltimore Trust

Super quality recording of a great I trust my guitar era Magik Markers show in Baltimore back in 2003. The early band were in full effect here, creating tight organic instant no wave compositions each night out of naive guitar, rocking/shambling beats, screams and whatever happened to be going through Elisa Ambrogio's mind each night. This is a really cohesive show and it kind of sets the record straight about what the early Markers actually sounded like. The banter's on point too. Cool document

These fine items can be found at , , , and

In other news... Spectre Folk will be playing this Saturday at the Cake Shop on Ludlow with psych rock super duper heavy weights.. Major Stars, in celebration of the birthday one of our favorite submarine operators, Senator Michael "J" Wolf. JT Soda's is on semi-permanent vacation from her job controlling the synth for the S>F>
(she's got a pod person living inside her, and she's about ready to pop)> so hard rocking meat man Brian Sullivan of the Brooklyn duo Mouthus has agreed to take up the slack on the guitar.. shredding beatifically along with Pete and Jonny T.. should be a rad nite

stay mellow