Wednesday, June 30, 2010

what's he thinking this week?

Seems like a couple other folks have been telling different versions of the same story as me... 1st is this dude... the next is my bandmate Peter bloggin on the NYTIMES... Nice going fellas!

Elisa hipped me to Brother JT's tv show.. it's hilarious:

Also.. check out this new movie by Spectre Folk logo designer Julien Langendorff

Monday, June 21, 2010

eat em and weep... Spectre Folk Cali tour

Here's a rundown on events and foodings that have taken place in the last few weeks.
Day 1.. Frankie's 457 Book release party
Kicked if off with a Cheeseburger from Prime Meats, some kind of IPA. Played an early set with the sf trio of Peter, Pete, and Steve... good blasting... had several complementary meat balls and more beer.. then split as the Chris Robinson/Vetiver funk experience did their thing.
Day 2.. Day off in San Jose.. had Gramma Mariana Tinoco's famous eggplant parmagiana... same one she used to make when she worked as a body guard for Caesar Chavez

(Gramma Tinoco rinsing off the beans)

Day 3 Woodsist fest Henry Miller Library Big Sur.. I don't remember what we ate.. I think it was the staff chicken pasta gruel.. fest was sick.. Peter and I kicked it off duo style at 2.30pm.. cool sun baked zoner style with pre-recorded beats.. Kurt Vile was really good.. Moon Duo was shredding.. only caught a bit of Eat Skull.. their set was way more mellow than the last time I saw them.. but still good and fucked up.. Woods was the most psyched out I've ever seen them get.. and I liked Real Estate way better than I thought I would.. they sounded like a real band or something.. I think they'd been on tour for a month at this point.

Kurt Vile

Woodsist CEO Jeremy Earl

Ripley from Moon Duo

Day 4.. Day off in Big Sur.. had a burrito from some joint... Stone IPA with Woods and Kurt Vile at Nepenthe.. Champagne room.. then back to Nepenthe for me and Hannah's b day party. Ate an artichoke that was fucking great and an Ambrosia Cheeseburger that was the best yet while watched the sunset over the pacific. I think I had a few bites of some kind of fruit pie too.. this place rules.

Touring party contemplates how to order breakfast at the Big Sur Inn

Day 5.. the Hemlock S>F. Started the day off with blueberry pancakes at Deetjens Big Sur Inn, then had a Lobster Roll at Phil's in Moss Landing like an hour later. It was fucking good, but maybe a little bit of overkill...saw a seal tho.
Played an early set with some bands that are from a part of the musical universe that I don't understand. Met Michael Tunc who provided me with a portfolio of artwork that will be cropping up in Magik Markers/Arbitrary Signs releases for years to come... Thanks a million Mike! Played the most crunked out Spectre set of the tour.. songs were barely there.. and apparently lil Dusty showed up to bait the crowd..heheh.. Afterwards fell victim to Meehan's notoriety by being taken to new shi shi sf restaurant 'Nopa" which I guess means North of the panhandle.. my poor ass ordered a pile of grilled brocolli that was fucking good.. I also ate some steak that was way good and some flat bread that was ok.. drank wine.. don't remember what kind. Stayed at Dori's.. ended the night with Whiskey and dice.
Day 6.. Woke up at 7 am .. fucking hating life.. Meehan drove most of the way to L.A. Stopped at In and Out for a cheeseburger.. learned about "animal style" and the fact that In and Out gives out hot peppers as happy meal prizes... fucking good. Ate at a killer Mexican restaurant in Santa Barbara.. can't remember the name.. Chille rejenos.. horchatas.. quesadillas etc.. soldiered through a tired ass not zoned set at Synchronicity Space in L.A... Watched Thurston Moore play a charming acoustic solo 12 string set while recounting hanging out with a drunken hippy baiting Siousie soux.. or whatever her name is... Kate Hudson was there.. Hollywood style.
The rest of the trip was filled with Gramma Tinoco's steaks and enchilada's as well as more in and Out's... a red a flight to New York where they made me gate check my Les Paul.. Fuck Virgin (they said due to the high level of musicians that fly with them you now have to buy a seat for your guitar if you want it on the plane).. slept like shit then
Day 7 Cake Shop NYC.. drove Juju to her carny gig in Park Slope.. tried to sleep.. no apetite.. ate some yogurt. Played a duo set with Steve in which I broke my first string on the Les.. Fuck Virgin. Noised it up with octive fuzz wah out of a bassman and tremolo verb style out of a twin.. Steve rocked it like only a master bluesman like Steve Shelley can. Caught Ghost Lady who hail from Michigan.. Killer drummer with dual female vox. Went home and slept forever..

Special thanks to Julien Langendorff for making the killer Spectre Folk logo on the t's..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spectre Folk Tour June 2010

on tour this June:
June 10 Frankie's 457 Book Release Brooklyn 8 pm
June 12 Woodsist Fest Henry Miller Library Big Sur CA 2 pm
June 14 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco 6:30 pm
June 15 Synchronicity Space Hollywood CA with Thurston Moore 8 pm