Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Check out these 2 new releases on Arbitrary Signs:

Media Dreams
Arbitrary Signs Cassette 07
New full length tape from the deep zone trio of Samara Lubelski, Pete Nolan, and Brian Sullivan.. This band exists for the sole purpose of penetrating the vast unknown and their using the most up to date fire power. Jammage of the highest order.. Recorded live at the legendary Tarpit.

Spectre Folk
"In the Sparkin' Age of the Great White Horse"

"In the Sparkin' Age of the Great White Horse" is the new cassette
from Spectre Folk, nearly 50 minutes of psych-ish folk-leaning rock
fog that is destined to melt into your dashboard this summer.

The tracks are culled and clipped from the sessions that produced
Spectre Folk’s most recent LP, Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo. Here
in the sparking age, Pete Nolan’s mood seems, lighter and brighter –
there’s less mystic nursery hush and a much more saturated stain of
the pink-orange ice cream colors of a Pacific sunset.

True to form, there are forlorn fingerpickers and some quiet, noisy
stretches that feel like a walk alone in the woods at night, but the
tape also finds Nolan making organic noises with his noisemaking
machinery: a tube amp makes thundercloud sounds on a track that’s got
the hazy warmth of a summer day begging for a rainshower; synths
burble, ominously at first, then dissolve into the a sound like
passing cars on the highway, before a couple guitars, intertwined,
come in at a glacial gallop marching the tape along.

And the albums rockers show Nolan’s increasing comfort with extended
form guitar solos that saunter into and out of wild crescendos and
murky valleys like it’s the easiest, most natural thing in the world
for the music to do.

1. the follow trees
2. we're here forever
3. storm clouds in my fender
4. I dropped a line
5. suitcase
6. last days of the Binson
7. cash machine
1. 8 foot wings (now 6 feet longer!)
2. trailers

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