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Devin Gary & Ross is a mind melting three- man music making machine. Four Corners Bounce is their first record. The six tunes on it are full spectrum serving of psychedelia that includes washed out wanderings over well- worn terrain, bold ventures into a candy-col- ored abyss and a snappy title track that you will end up signing in the shower.

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s Father Yod himself, Byron Coley, on the record about the record:

Gary Panter is a bad penny. If he were German, the phrase might be, schlechter pfennig, which is much less euphonimous. So it’s a good thing Gary is no Kraut. But what the fuck is he? A Texan. A famous artist. A writer of songs, poetry and prose. As well as a gifted primitve musician. Thus, in this instance, bad means good, and penny means rennaisance man.

Panter first burst into the public gut in the 1970s with his Jimbo strip in Slash magazine, his design work for Ralph Records, and some really goddamn UGLY commercial art. A few people were also aware he was a musician, although many who discovered him through his first single— “Colahaus”—would deny the word actually applies to what he does.

After his next record, a collaboration with the Residents entitled “Tornader to the Tater,” people began to take his roistering a bit more seri- ously. A Japanese company even let him do a gorgeous bizarro-world country-and-acid LP called Pray for Smurph. That one was so good, people started to realize—hey, he actually is a musician!.

Moving from L.A to Brooklyn, he eventually fell in with the evil genius, Devin Flynn, who widened Panter’s aural palette and also to got him playing somwhere besides closets full of pot smoke. The duo cut a dandy album, Go Outside, then managed to corral the wildly talented Ross Gold- stein into their conspiracy. The results are this new record, and brother, it is a treat. They create miniature brain-damaged nuggets ranging from fake jazz to sloth psych with a nimble touch that’ll make your head squeal with pleasure. Marty Robbins might toss around in his velvet-lined grave

when he hears it, but screw him. All four of your corners will bounce like crazy. Guaranteed.

—Byron Coley, Victoriaville QC 2011

Side B

El Paso Peppermint Patty Meets the

Phantom of the Opera Cat Swim

Side A

4 Corners Loin Green After Donk

About the band

Devin is Devin Flynn, best known as the creator and illustrator behind the very insane Y’all So Stupid, a cartoon that once ran on Super Deluxe. In DGR, he does the drumming and a lot of the singing and more or less plays just about everything. About the same goes for Ross Goldstein—the Ross of the band—except he plays a lot more piano than percussion and in the art zone he does more photography and sign painting than crazy animation. The G in DGR is for guitar, played by Gary Panter, who also blows a little trumpet on this record. Gary’s been blowing minds with his art—paintings, album covers, illustration, comics, set design, light shows—since the late seventies.

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temporarily unavailable

The United Waters lp's have arrived! The new totally solo jam from Brian Sullivan of Mouthus fame is a quiet beautiful masterpiece of loner psych majesty. We went to great lengths to make sure these lp's maintained the pristine tones intended and have been mastered for crystal clarity. Beautiful full color sleeves with artwork by Mary Kidd and inserts with lyrics included. We're very proud of this record. Shipping is free. Get yours today!


ASCS008 Magik Markers "Isolated from Exterior Time" Cassette... get some basement clues to the Markers new direction... 60 minums long


AS LP 003 Spectre Folk "Compass Blanket Lantern Mojo" Psych lushness miraculously recorded in a home studio while looking after a 3 month old. Close to my heart. Not many left:

Spectre Folk


AS LP 002 Magik Markers "BOSS" Recorded in the cavernous confines of Echo Canyon West with Sonic Youth maestro Lee Ranaldo running the boards. Screen printed covers WITH ORIGINAL POSTER INSIDE


Magik Markers/Sic Alps split lp Yik Yak recs
Not and Arbitrary release.. but a burner for sure.. Good old Steve Lowenthal at Swingset says it's his fave Markers release to date.. Mike Wolf said it sounds like Yeti.. WE'LL TAKE IT!


Spectre Folk s/t cd on 3 Lobed
Early Bushwick 4 track recordings from the s.f. Got a birds cover and still has that dirt porch vibe. Nice little package from 3 lobes.

TLR 019: spectre folk — requiem for ming aralia

$10.00 -

available as a digital download from


Spectre Folk "Sparking Age" Cassette
latest Spectre cassette in stunning mono. Get a clue to the new zoo.


Please feel free to inquire about any past Arbitrary Signs releases that you don't see listed with me: ..