Thursday, November 3, 2011

United Waters Zebulon October 6


just got word from the United Waters camp that a rare appearance is happening this sunday at Brooklyn's Zebulon "jazz" club. Don't miss out. Here's the official press release:

hey all

Please join us this Sunday at Zebulon for a special night of music celebrating Barge's new release entitled Loop Current / Raft, to be performed by percussionist Mike Weis. Live sets by United Waters and Koen Holtkamp, as well as DJ sets by the Barge fellas, should make for a pretty fun night. Details below.

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Sunday, November 6th, 9pm

Mike Weis (Barge Recordings)

Koen Holtkamp (Thrill Jockey / Type)

United Waters (Arbitrary Signs)

DJ sets by Ian & Dave from Barge

Zebulon, 258 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

About the artists:

Mike Weis is no stranger to the American indie / experimental music scene. He's been the percussionist and drummer for the highly respected Chicago outfit Zelienople for the better part of the last decade, and has collaborated with such esteemed underground luminaries as Scott Tuma, The North Sea, Xela (John Twells), and Jasper TX. The compositions on his first solo LP on Barge Recordings entitled Loop Current / Raft breathe a singular vision of percussion as centerpiece to a multi-layered aural canvas. Mike's drums are shrouded in billowy clouds of ambient sound and muted synthetic drones. Tribal rhythms glean in and out of focus as sheets of bells, claves, bowed cymbals, and rattles dance over a hazy backdrop of manipulated field recordings, short wave radio samples, and found sounds.

Listen here.

After several years of focusing predominantly on film and video, Koen Holtkamp (b. 1978 NL) began working with sound in 1997. He co-founded the apestaartje collective / label in 1998 while studying at The Art Institute of Chicago. Holtkamp has released five albums as Mountains (Apestaartje, Catsup Plate, Thrill Jockey), a duo project with Brendon Anderegg as well as several albums under his own name (Type, Thrill Jockey). Holtkamp has shared bills with Fennesz, Loren Connors, James Blackshaw, Tape, Tim Hecker, Oval, Tony Conrad, Supersilent etc., and collaborated with Ben Vida and Chris Forsyth amongst others. His current solo performances utilizes a customized analog / digital performance system which integrates guitar, synthesizer and modular electronics via various strands of processing that communicate via control voltage to create an extremely gradual and hypnotic listening experience. He’s currently finishing a new solo album based on video footage of rivers he shot in upstate New York titled Liquid Light Forms.

Listen here.

United Waters is the solo project from Mouthus guitarist / vocalist Brian Sullivan. The live performance of the material from his debut recording entitledYour First Ever River on the Arbitrary Signs label will include accompaniment by Patrick Cole (Scumbags / Francis) on guitar and Robert Mayson (ex-Grey Daturas) on electronic percussion. Tiny Mix Tapes accurately reviews Your First Ever River: "The album is loaded with this kind of otherworldly flotsam — gurgling vocal manipulations, wooly acoustic guitars, fingerdrumming loops, synthy syringes — barely cohering into songs, but how Sullivan manages to make the stuff so warm and inviting despite everything is a little harder to point at."

Listen here.