Tuesday, April 26, 2011

United Waters Plate Techtonics video premier via Altered Zones

p-tec from b sullivan on Vimeo.

As half of burning experimental duo Mouthus, Brooklyn noisemaker Brian Sullivan has released crushing hard-psych records since 2002 with everyone from Ecstatic Peace! and Troubleman Unlimited to Olde English Spelling Bee, Load, and No Fun. On April 15th, Peace labelmate Pete Nolan-- of Magik Markers and Spectre Folk-- released the debut LP from Sullivan’s ambient solo project United Waters on his label Arbitrary Signs. Sullivan’s work with United Waters is music for daydreams, giving clarity and breathing room to his band’s organic, experimental spirit. “Platetectonics” loops muted acoustic guitar strums and the light thunder of a distant cymbal under Sullivan’s deep, mellow verse and submerged electric guitar tones. Check out the equally gorgeous minimalism at play in the track’s video above. Headphones required. --Jenn Pelly, Altered Zones

Buy the lp here!