Saturday, January 1, 2011

United Waters "Your First Ever River" lp Coming Soon!

Solo lp by Brian Sullivan of Mouthus fame under the moniker "United Waters". The name of the lp is "Your First Ever River" It's kind of a loner home recorded exegesis that he's been working on for like 2 and a half years or something...some Fleetwood murk. Below are some words by food and hardcore heads.

Arbitrary Signs

The new lp by United Waters rises and falls, slowly and organically - if you're
half listening, it's a pleasant stream of organic electronics with the
occasional acoustic guitar sound cutting through, perfectly lovely
stuff, you could put it on anytime for anybody. but when the
headphones go on and lights get dimmed, the evidence of the
painstaking work that went into the composition and creation of these
tracks is apparent, beautiful and stunning.
the image that ran through my mind was Sullivan as a kid, late at
night, staring at the black and white snow of the television in the
dark - but he's seeing the secret patterns embedded in it, digital
sparrows flying to nowhere through psychedelic vectors that no one
else can see - or maybe listening to the radio long after the
broadcast dropped off and the station stopped broadcasting, and he's
able to hear the secret songs that the machines sing to one another in
the night.

Peter Meehan

If you know the man behind United Waters (B.K.A Brian Sullivan) from anything, you’ll know him as the guitar thudder in Brooklyn’s densest duo, Mouthus.
And if you were really listening to all those ninety million releases they did in the past few years, you’d notice that Mr. Sullivan is a deconstructionist of the highest order.
Molten riffs that would cream the face off of both Nocturno Culto and Dave Murray combined dismantled themselves to reveal rock as a gas and thin air to be nothing but a
petrified turd left over in a backstage buffet platter by Michael Angelo Batio.

On his debut release under the United Waters moniker entitled ‘Your First Ever River’, Sullivan continues to expose the contradiction of sound for what it is, but there’s not
so much discombobulated shrailing this time ‘round to drive the point home. Brian’s vision on ‘Your First Ever River’ sucks in the sound and vibe of mid-nineties basement dwellers,
early seventies robe donning prog rockers and present day turtle necked Germans to continue his pursuit for the never knowing sound. Let’s hope your ‘there’ enough to bask in the
revelatory glow of it’s sound.

Tony Rettman